Bill Needle is a host of varying programs on the Second City network, none of which ever last longer than two episodes. He is incredibly hot tempered and very easily engages in heated conflicts with his guests- both of the physical and verbal type- ultimately resulting in the cancellation of the show he is hosting at the time. Despite this however, Bill generally bonds well with Guy, and the two often can be witnessed plotting their next money-making scheme together, no matter how ridiculous it may be.

For reasons unsaid, Bill is married to a dimwitted burlesque dancer Honeypie Traynor, whom he can barely tolerate. In Maudlin’s Eleven, it is shown that he occasionally sings onstage at her club and is surprisingly quite good at it, but this fact is never mentioned again.

Seasons Appeared In[]

*2(?), 3, 4

*Note: A very similar character named Bob Clark appears in season two. Although not identified as Bill Needle, it is likely that this was an early draft of the character, who would be introduced officially in the following season.

Character Trademarks and Qualities[]

  • His anger and hostility
  • His glasses
  • His (usually) messy hair

Associates and Relations[]

Guy Caballero (Boss, close friend)

Honey Pie Traynor (Wife)


  • Mailbag
  • Critic’s Corner
  • Starting Out
  • Wrong Side of the Bed
  • Theatre Beat
  • Shoot For the Stars
  • Stand Up and Be Counted
  • TV Talk

Notable Episodes[]