Robert "Bob" McKenzie and Douglas "Doug" McKenzie were back bacon-munching, beer-guzzling brothers with exaggerated accents, as whom Richard "Rick" Moranis and David "Dave" Thomas (the latter is not to be confused with the restaurateur behind the Wendy's restaurants) were perhaps the best known of all SCTV's comedy partnerships.


Bob and Doug McKenzie are easily the most well recognized of all characters in the series. They were created by Dave Thomas to be stereotypes of Canadians and speak in exaggerated accents, ending almost every sentence with “eh” and living on a diet of beer, back bacon, and donuts. They host Great White North, a program no longer than two minutes where they discuss various topics.

Bob and Doug were one of the show’s two sibling pairs to get their own movie, the other being The Schmenge Brothers. In the McKenzie Brothers's case, their feature film was Strange Brew.

Trademarks and Character Qualities[]

  • Their accents
  • Their toques and jackets
  • Their love of beer and back bacon