Bobby Bittman (real name: Herschel Slansky) is a filmmaker, writer, comedian, and singer. He is a frequent guest on The Sammy Maudlin Show and is close friends with Sammy. Bobby is somewhat narcisisstic, often showing great pride in himself and his works. He is very loud, showy, and energetic, attempting to steal the spotlight and garner attention as often as possible. Much like Sammy and Lola Heatherton, he is overly, and often dramatically, cathartic, bringing out the tears in his performances to enhance them for the audience- even when it is unnecessary to.

Bobby appears multiple times throughout the series, not only starring on The Sammy Maudlin Show but as a host for the station’s telethons, a guest on other talk shows, such as the Dick Cavett Show, and on his own programs, even occasionally getting his own performances. In addition, he is an amateur filmmaker and actor, creating several projects and playing one of the leads in the SCTV Movie of the Week, Maudlin’s Eleven.

Bobby‘s productions are notable due to many of them being obvious ripoffs of existing films.

Seasons Appeared In[]


Trademarks and Character Qualities[]

  • His catchphrase: “HOW ARE YAA?”
  • His red blazer and white undershirt
  • His flashy gold jewelry

Associates and Relations[]

Sammy Maudlin (Friend, costar)

Skip Bittman (Brother)

Lola Heatherton (Friend, costar, ex lover)

Johnny LaRue (Friend)

Edith Prickley (Friend)

William B. Williams (Cohost)

Notable Episodes and Segments[]