Johnny LaRue was the late John Candy's first prominent SCTV character.


Johnny LaRue was the first main character introduced in the series. In the first and second seasons, his personality differed slightly from the way it was in later seasons, and he was then shown to be an aggressive alcoholic with violent tendencies and little to no morality. He evolved to become, later on, a sort of parody on Hugh Hefner in that he became a womanizer who wore a trademark robe very similar to that of the Playboy founder, and in that a slew of scantily clad women called “The Gerbils,” who were nearly identical to the iconic Playboy Bunnies, were gathered around him on occasion.

In the first season, Johnny was also shown as a food critic who visited and documented various restaurants in Melonville, but he switched to a filmmaker as of Season 4 and continued that role through Season 5.

Johnny frequently conflicted with Guy Caballero due to the disrespect given to him by Guy and the clashing of their mutually hostile personalities.

Seasons Appeared In[]

1, 2, 4, 5

Trademarks and Character Qualities[]

  • His embroidered burgundy robe, donning the initials “JLaR.”
  • Insistence of his sexual orientation--he was NOT gay.
  • His obsession with using crane shots in his productions.

Associates and Relations[]

Guy Caballero (Boss, rival)

Bobby Bittman (Friend)