Lola Heatherton, one of Catherine O’Hara's SCTV characters, was one of the SCTV Network's featured singers.


Lola Heatherton was a singer and aspiring actress who starred in various programs on the SCTV Network. She was incredibly melodramatic, often specializing in over-the-top stage performances, but she occasionally appeared in game shows and telethons as well.

Lola had a controversial history of sexual partners and substance-abuse scandals, with Sammy Maudlin, Guy Caballero, and Bill Needle having been most aware of that fact. She was revealed to have had relations, at some point, with Guy, Bobby Bittman, Johnny LaRue, both of the McKenzie brothers, Bob and Doug, and Count Floyd/Floyd Robertson.

Seasons Appeared In[]

1, 2, 4, 5

Character Trademarks and Qualities[]

  • Her line: “I wanna bear your children!”
  • Her dramatic singing style
  • Her short white hair

Notable Episodes[]

Behind the scenes[]

As Andrea Martin did as Connie Franklin, Catherine O’Hara did her own singing as Lola Heatherton.

After SCTV's cancellation, O'Hara appeared in such other productions as the original Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost In New York, both times as the McAllister family matriarch.